A look at Irshad's Campaign den as we wait for the writ to drop

September 08, 2019

With leaves starting to change colour, there's no doubt that fall is right around the corner, so too is a federal election campaign. Voters will go to the polls this year on October 21st, the third Monday of October. The Official campaign can't be shorter than 36 days or longer than 50 days.

Traditionally, the writ gets dropped on a Sunday, Team Irshad is prepared for the best campaign ever which Scarborough Center have seen. Election night is only seven weeks away, team Irshad is ready for votes to begin any day now. Look how our great team is getting ready.

The latest polls show a competitive election. Abacus data has the Conservatives at 34 per cent, Liberals at 33, a close battle to win. Irshad will win, that is our only aim.

To those who are new to Canada, a writ is the only way of holding an election for the House of Commons. When the government wants to or is required to dissolve Parliament, a writ of election is drawn up for each riding in Canada by the Chief Electoral Officer. They are then formally issued by the Governor-General.